ENCODER EVALUATIONS If we rounded up 100 video encoding engineers and asked each one what their favorite methodology is for evaluating a video encoder, odds are that we’d hear 100 different approaches. This is the place to compare notes with your peers and exchange ideas so that the next time you are faced with evaluating an encoder, you can be certain that you used the best approach. To start a thread, hit the +New Topic button at the top right of this screen. QUALITY MEASURES VMAF, PSNR, SSIM, Beamr CABR, what is the proper quality measure to use? If you are struggling to make sense of the various quality measures and objective metrics that are available for you to use, you’ve come to the right place. Hit the + New Topic button at the top of your screen to start a discussion thread. GENERAL DISCUSSION This is the place to enter general encoding discussion topics. Hit the + New Topic button at the top right of this screen to start a new thread.
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Welcome video encoding engineers. This is where you can discuss all things related to video encoding. Note the sub-categories and please post your discussion thread in the most appropriate area so it can get the exposure…

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