Beamr 5x HEVC Codec

(MIaoqi) #1


I am just wondering is there a different “deb” package TO install “beamrtrans” that has “Beamr 5X” HEVC Codec? or is there an option (e.g., copy|raw|h264|hevc|multi ) under “-v” parameter?

Currently I installed “beamrtrans_v1.0.3_0.4.7.4.deb” on Ubuntu.


(Nery Strasman) #2

Thanks for your question.
Beamr 5X is codec is part of the Transcoder and no additional installation is needed.
In order to utilize it, you need to use the -vbm option with the CABR parameter ( i.e., -vbm CABR) when encoding to HEVC (with -v hevc).
Let us know if that works.

Nery Strasman
Beamr Transcoder product manager