Beamr Optimization Technology

(David L. Berger) #1

Is the Beamr Optiimization Technology being used in the Transcoder VOD or is that totally separate? Any plans to integrate?

(Nery Strasman) #2

Hi David,
Beamr’s Optimization Technology is integrated into the Transcoder for HEVC. For h.264, Beamr Optimizer is available as a separate product.

Nery Strasman,
Sr. Director, Product Management

(David L. Berger) #3

Excellent news! Now I just need to learn how to use it correctly. :grinning:


The CABR rate-control that is available with the Beamr 5x codec SDK that comes with the Free to Start edition of Beamr Transcoder VOD is very simple to activate - we’ve abstracted the complexity of needing to configure a lot of fields to essentially a “check box.”

If you want to see it in action, check out the following YouTube links where you’ll get an idea of the savings possible.