Beamr Transcoder VOD: 32 bits?


I tried to run Beamr Transcoder VOD on Linux 32 bits ( ubuntu 16.04), but it seems impossible.

Any future or release for this architecture ?

Could you please, add some instruction on how to install using TBZ package.
Also, i would like to learn if Transcoder VOD, support ARM CPU architecture ?


Hello Mohamed,

We do not have plans to support Linux 32bit as well as ARM architecture.

TBZ package doesn’t require any installation. You should just unpack it some where. After unpacking, for future convenience, we would recommend you to create symbolic link to transcoder binary as follows:

sudo ln -s <directory_transcoder_was_unpacked_to>/beamrtrans /usr/bin/beamrtrans

Thank you!


Thank you for your reply.

Now, I’m working on ubuntu 16.04 64bits distribution?


Hi Mohamed,
Thank you for getting back to us. Beamr Transcoder is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 64bit and should work without problems.

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