Beamr View does not function when connecting to a HDR TV


There seem to be problem (see attached screen capture) when running Beamr View on Windows 10 while connecting with a HDR TV. There is no such a problem when HDR feature is disabled and/or just playing the video on PC.

The HDR feature is turned on via “Display” on Windows 10 and the output is set to YCbCr422/10-bit on NVIDIA Control Panel. Display 2/ HDR TV is extended from Display 1 on PC.

Then the error message says something related to missing necessary graphic driver and old OpenGL library. However, everything is up to date based on the summary from “OpenGL Extensions Viewer 5.1”

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Actually, after installing the latest graphic card driver, I am able to open “Beamr View” normally while connecting to the TV.

However, the “Rec 2020 HDR” video was interpreted as “Rec 2020 SDR” video even being played alone on the PC; however, the same video used to be analyzed and played as “Rec 2020 HDR” video by “Beamr View”. Something may have happened to mislead the viewer to see the video in that way. Is there any way to force the “viewer” to take a video in HDR?


Mio hi,

HDR is currently not supported in Beamr View. However, this functionality is currently in development and will be supported in one of the upcoming releases.


Hi Dror,

Thanks for your quick reply! I appreciate it!

One thing that I am curious about is that - the “Beamr View” used to see the videos as “Rec 2020, HDR”; however, after changing few settings on PC (in order to send HDR signals to the TV), “Beamr View” now views the same videos as “Rec 2020, SDR”.

Although “Beamr View” may not support HDR content playback now, its behavior in analyzing content should be consistent?

I could be wrong, but I can recall that “Rec 2020 HDR” was shown on the top of the video when being played with “Beamr View”. Not sure what has changed that make it see the same videos differently.

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Beamr View displays characteristics of input file based on information, recorded into elementary stream.
Graphic drivers or OS settings shouldn’t affect the information that displayed in Beamr View infobar.

Please clarify if you’ve noticed the behaviour with wrong info when playing YUV or encoded stream?