What is the Free to Start edition of Beamr Transcoder VOD?


Based on active dialogue with customers across the industry, we observed frustrations relating to accessing software for evaluation and testing. The Free to Start program was designed to eliminate friction in the evaluation and POC development process so anyone can use Beamr Transcoder VOD completely free - and even in production.

The Free to Start edition of Beamr Transcoder VOD comes with up to 100 free hours per month of H.264 transcoding, or 50 hours of HEVC transcoding (up to HD resolution), or 25 hours of HEVC UHD transcoding. Any combination of the above transcoding types may be used, where each hour of HEVC HD transcoding is counted as two H.264 hours, and each hour of HEVC UHD is counted as four H.264 hours. Counting is based on source video hours, and maximum output resolution. A one-hour video transcoded into six ABR profiles where the top layer is HEVC UHD, will be counted as one HEVC UHD hour, meaning that four hours will be decremented from the 100 free hours allotted each month.